The Datsuns are a four-piece band from the island country of New Zealand. They play screamy, chunky guitar music, that takes AC/DC flavored rock, and mixes in a bit of George Thorogood style badassary. They threaten, with daft titles like Motherfucker From Hell and Hootchie Mama, to descend into parody, but they stay on the right side of the line with tight songwriting.

They came out of the middle of nowhere, also known as Cambridge, located on the North Island of New Zealand, where they formed in 1995. Practicing in an abandoned movie theatre, they financed and released three singles themselves that got them some attention in their home country, and Australia. Their big break came when the White Stripes invited them for support on a US tour in 2002. By May, they were recording their first album with White Stripes' producer Liam Watson. They capped off a year of touring North America, the UK, Europe, and Japan by winning the 2003 NME Carling Award for Best Live Band.

Taking a note from the Ramones, membership in the Datsuns requires growing your hair long and dark, and taking the surname "Datsun".

  • Dolf de Datsun, vocals and bass.
  • Christian Datsun, lead guitar.
  • Phil Datsun, rhythm guitar.
  • Matt Datsun, drums.