Today I got an email from a former coworker, who was arrested for child pornography (he had the pictures downloaded from the internet, took his computer in to be fixed, got busted).

I am a social worker. I work with children who are "at risk". People expect me to be horrified by what he has done and dimiss him as one of society's sick outcasts. Okay, so perhaps what he was doing was horrible. He was looking at sexual pictures of young children. To me that's disgusting. But here's the kicker...he my good friend, not just a coworker. We did lunch on a regular basis, we went to the movies together, he even went lingerie shopping with me for goodness sake (I made him sit in the middle of Lane Bryant, holding the bras and underwear that I wanted while I continued to try things on...what a guy)!

I guess my point is...I guess I don't really have a point. It's been a month since he was arrested and is not technically supposed to be in contact with us. It was really good to hear from him...outcast or not.