Wind power could be a significant source of clean electrical production. Right now no countries or electrical systems produce more than ten percent of their energy from wind power because wind power is a relatively new technology.

There is a great possibility that more countries will begin using wind power for their energy because wind power has great potential. In fact it’s much greater than the current world energy consumption.

However, the amount of production depends on economics. People worry about the cost of wind energy farms. It might cost a lot for the wind energy farms, but technically in the end we would be gaining a lot.

Most forms of energy production create some other kind of payment. For example, electrical production causes pollution which increases health expenses, reduces agricultural productivity, and causes other problems. Carbon dioxide produced from fossil fuels could cause even greater costs to society in the form of global warming.

Wind energy is one of the most cost effective forms of energy. Though it might be expensive, it’s very environment friendly, so it won’t cause any external costs.Also the cost of wind production has decreased a lot because of technological improvements. I’m sure there will be even more technological improvements and then there would be even more price reductions.

Some don’t like wind power because wind turbines can kill birds and bat species. This might be true, but it’s nothing compared to the number that die from other human activities such as traffic, hunting, power lines, high rise buildings, and especially the environment impacts of using non-clean power sources.