When I was younger, my family and I always used to go to Jamaica for family vacations.

Jamaica is an amazing country, full of beautiful beaches and warm tropical breezes. It is full of very nice people, that make you want to go back every single year. It’s the best place to go when you want to relax because it's so peaceful.

Every single year our family has gone to Jamaica, we've stayed at the same resort. It is called the Whistling Bird, and it is in a city called Negril. It's one of the smaller resorts in the area so it doesn't have a rush of people. It's a great place to get away from it all.

We went to The Whistling Bird for so many years, that soon the people who worked there knew us by name. Every year I would get my hair braided by the same lovely lady. I would always play with my Jamaican friends that I had met there. Every year they would look forward to our family coming back to their country, and when I got there they would give me a huge hug. We would play for hours on end because we knew that eventually I would have to go back home.

It was so relaxing to sit out on the beach and gaze out at the water. Sometimes I would wake up early in the morning and go down to the beach, just to be alone. I loved admiring the beautiful nature that most people took for granted. Most people don't realize how beautiful nature really is. I believe that everything in this world has beauty in, but not everyone can see it.

One of my favorite things that I did in Jamaica was snorkeling. It's incredible how many fish are in the ocean. They are really amazing to watch. Sometimes I wish I were a fish and could swim so freely without any worries.

Over the years my family has stopped going to Jamaica, and I really miss it. I miss the wonderful beaches, the warmness, and the peacefulness. I miss the Whistling Bird Resort and all the memories I have had at that place. I miss all the kind and wonderful people I have met in Jamaica. Most of all though, I miss all the beauty that I discovered in Jamaica.