How do you know when the war on terrorism is over? We knew the war in Europe was over because the press showed us troops marching into Berlin. We saw German generals surrender their swagger sticks and sign documents. Is the lack of terrorist attacks on July 4, Sept 11, New Years, et al evidence that the war has been won or evidence that the government's sweeping new powers are simply effective in keeping terrorists at bay? Is the fact that Martians have never invaded Seattle evidence that the Space Needle is doing a good job protecting us from interplanetary invasion? Will the government come to us a year, two years, five years from now and say the war on terrorism has been won or will they tell us the war has entered a new, more dangerous phase, but because we can't put secret agents at risk/matters of state security, there's no evidence we can offer. Please, trust us. Trust the government. A notion the American constitutional framers considered laughable.