Is it me, or are these various communities where the beltway snipers plied their trade almost jockeying for position to be the first one to try and execute the DC duo?

"Not only can we execute teenagers in this jurisdiction but we have the quickest and best gavel-to-grave track record of any state outside of Texas!"

They should set up some process like the IOC does when deciding which city gets the Olympics. They should take into consideration which state has the smoothest, most severe judicial system. Does the state execute all killers via that wimpy lethal injection or do they still have execution methods on the books that will ensure the killers' last moments are filled with a modicum of horror? Maybe they could move the trial to Utah where they still allow executions by firing squad. Wouldn't that be ironic? Alanis would think so. Then again, since the whole Salt Lake City Winter Olympics debacle, I'm not sure Utah will ever be allowed to bid on anything ever again. And what about media coverage of the trial? Does the community where the trial will be taking place have proper media facilities and adequate hotel rooms to accommodate the press? Will any of the jurisdictions let Geraldo do an interview with John Allen Muhammad so he can get all up in his business? Maybe in the bidding process one of the jurisdictions will offer to build a stadium to house the public who want to watch the trial. Hmmm...Trial Stadium, complete with corporate luxury boxes. And what about jury selection? How difficult is it going to be to find an impartial jury? Maybe this might be cause for relocating the trial to Utah. If anything, it's surely a ball in Alabama's court. What would the jury pool cattle calls be like in the initial round?

"Anyone here who experienced any fear between Oct 2nd and Oct 24th while pumping gas, loading your SUV with groceries, or walking your young child to school raise your hand and just go home and live out your days in peace. The rest, a Green Beret doctor would like to take some cheek cells from you and get you to sign this waver saying your DNA can be cloned and turned into a generation of fearless super soldiers."