Reality Show Idea III

My new reality show idea is called Which of You Nobel Prize Winners wants to Marry a Young Supermodel?

So the gimmick is we get 40 single men who have won Nobel prizes in Chemistry or Physics and offer them a chance at marrying a young, beautiful supermodel. They're told she's not only a young and well-traveled supermodel, but she has an IQ of 185 and she was a medical student until she was discovered on a beach in the French Rivera.

But it turns out our supermodel is in fact not a supermodel at all. She's a vet's assistant who makes $19,000 a year and she has an IQ of 103. She loves bunnies, however. So as the dates progress, the Nobel prize winners begin to discover she's not all that bright, she can't do block transfer computations, but none of the Nobel prize winners seem to complain or even notice. They spend a lot of time in the hot tub with her and talk about bunny rabbits. Eventually the last Nobel prize winner standing gets to marry her. He's then let in on the truth. She's not a supermodel at all! She's just a young, incredibly beautiful woman who likes animals. The Nobel prize winner doesn't seem to be too put off by this and marries her anyway.