Gantenbrink's Door is a name given to a stone block (technically not a door) found at the end of a shaft in the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The shaft is located on the southern side of the Queen's chamber (another erroneous or inaccurate name itself because there's no evidence it was ever used for Cheop's queen). The stone block is named after robotic engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink. Gantenbrink was hired to help install some ventilation fans in the pyramid. In 1993, he got the Egyptian government to agree to let him send a small robot up the southern shaft to see what was at the other end. The 213 foot shaft is ultimately blocked by a stone with two copper fixtures. Many thought the copper fixtures made the stone look like a door. Since '93, pyramid freaks have been calling it Gantenbrink's Door and spinning wild theories about what was behind that door! Some figured treasure. Others figured it hid a secret power plant that generates unlimited clean energy and the oil companies, the US Air Force, and the Rothschilds have all been keeping it a secret. You know. Whatever.

Nearly a decade later, on Sept 16, 2002, National Geographic sponsored a new investigation of the airshaft. All was finally revealed on live television. Grab onto your Geraldos, boys! Using a robot similar to Gantenbrink's shaft crawler, an ultrasound device was able to determine the "door" was only about 3"-4" thick. National Geographic got permission from the Egyptian government to drill a hole in the stone and insert a camera through the hole. Much to the conspiracy theorists' horror, the camera revealed the shaft continues on for about half a foot and ends in another stone. Yeah. No power plant wired to an Atlantean healing power crystal.

Holy Capone's vault! Who'd have thunk it?

For one, Gantenbrink. He himself speculated the shaft did not continue on very far. The pyramid shafts most likely do not lead to hidden chambers filled with treasure or Elvis. Gantenbrink speculated, like many Egyptologists, that the shafts in the pyramid are nothing more than symbolic escape routes for the soul (ka).

You can see a pretty interesting documentation of his robot and findings at his site at