A type of weapon that incapacitates someone but does not (ordinarilly) kill them. These weapons are often marketed for self-defense, but are also used to disperse rioting crowds or to stop runaway suspects. They can be more accurately described as "less-than-lethal" weapons.

There are three main classes of non-lethal weapons:

  • Chemical (tear gas, pepper spray)
    Chemical weapons that are still being developed include better types of tear gas, and so-called "odiferous agents" (I kid you not, the government has developed Official Bathroom Odor that smells so bad you want to just leave)

  • Electrical (A taser, for instance)
    Electrical weapons also include microwave technology- These weapons can use your body's nervous system as a faraday cage and induces charge so your nerves get excited and you feel like you've been dipped in a deep fat fryer. whee!

  • Acoustic (An acoustic cannon, or vortex gun)
    Acoustic weapons work on principles of fluid dynamics and basically knock you over with a big sound wave.

Keep in mind that while these things do not usually kill people, any extreme or excessive application will probably cause signifigant pain or death. Everything in moderation.