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mission drive within everything
Become somehow sexier everyday.
Photography, writing, sneaking, laughing.
Theres always a way in...
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My friends all describe me as sensual and psychedelic. I have 11 toes and can cook an omelet thicker than your comforter. I take lots of pictures and spend time with the lady I love. I never wear a helmet when I ride bicycles and I like working with my hands. I can speak Spanish pretty good and it just keeps getting better. I believe in miracles but not relationships. I drink coffee like they are going to throw it all away tomorrow. I am a Leo with really special interests who cuts his own hair. I was in the chess nationals in middle school and I placed average. I'm not the most sanitary person I know but I like everything to be neat. I wear my heart right there on my sleeve and I hate it. I have more email accounts than anyone I have ever met. I like barbecue sauce instead of ketchup but I still enjoy ketchup if there is no sauce. I spend way too much time on the computer and have a serious problem budgeting my money.
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