(Super) Mario's taller, sexier brother. Luigi liked to wear white, and green, instead of boring red and blue. He sported a m(o)ustache much like Mario's but this was only to humor his brother.

Unlike Mario who was apparently named "Mario Mario," (what creatively crippled parents) Luigi's full name is "Luigi Mario" which perpetuates nearly every Italian stereotype known to man. (I suppose this would only be true if Luigi's middle name was Linguini, because of course, Italians are all named after "Italian foods.") Mama Mia! Anyway, back to Luigi.

He can jump REALLY HIGH but is a bit slower than his brother due to his excessive lankiness. I think Luigi is the brains of the bunch, and only works as a plumber in order to keep an eye on his semi-retarded, hallucinogen-addicted, pot-bellied brother. While Luigi has been known to consume magic mushrooms or fire flowers, it is only in the interest of science and to follow his dim-witted brother into the realm of the Mushroom Princess that he stoops to using the aforementioned psychedelics.

Princess Toadstool always had a secret crush on Luigi, but felt obligated to act affectionately towards Mario due to his mindlessly-devoted obsessive-compulsive desire to chase after her through endless stone castles with lava floors.

In closing, Luigi, who made his first appearance in the amazing "Hammer Bros." video game, is far superior to his emotionally-handicapped brother what's-his-name. Did I mention he can jump really high?