Composition notebooks are those old school bound notebooks with the spakley things on the front. You know what I mean, even if you don't. The one I have right here claims that its dimensions are 9¾ In. x 7½ In, and there's no data on the number of sheets it contains, although I would bet that it's about 100 sheets or so. Standard comp notebooks are only about ½ in. thick, so it can't be that many.

On the inside front cover there is a place for you to put 6 days worth of 8 period schedule information, as well as a place for your name, address, and school. On the inside back cover is "Useful Information," including conversion tables, a multiplication tables, and a few other assorted tables as well as some other useful informtation, such as "An acre measures 208.71 feet on each side. A section of land is 1 sq. mile. A quarter section is 180 acres. A township is 36 sq. miles."

Most comp notebooks are bound with thin cardboard covers, into which paper is sewn. The spine is covered with book binding tape. The advantage of this is that it will lie flat, allowing you to compose freely. On the outside of the cover is the aforementioned speckly pattern. The front outside cover includes a plain white box with the word "COMPOSITION" in large letters along with a space for name, school, and grade. (Whether the 'grade' line is for your current grade level, i.e., ninth grade; as opposed to the grade on the enclosed composition, is unclear.)

The cover itself bears more mention. It's really a beautiful thing. Picture: <> It's a sort of marble pattern.

I like comp notebooks because they're just neat. They're just small enough to fit perfectly in the pocket of my favorite pair of cargo pants. Any time I want to, I can whip it out and write down whatever I want to. I write a lot of nodes in one, a battered generic deal with a big Airwalk sticker stuck to the front over the blank part and a big 'E' (for Evan) blacked out of the white bits of the pattern on the back. It's about half full of writeups, and on the last page is a list of things I want to node, and stuff I have noded already. The stuff I've done is neatly crossed off.

(The rest of the page is taken up by a largish, poor quality sketch of the mountain dew logo.)