The city that the movie (and most likely the book, although I have no proof) Fight Club takes place in. Although it's never mentioned specifically in the movie, I've collected the following points from various places around the internet.

  • As is mentioned above, Wilmington is home to 60% of all Fortune 500 companies and most credit card companies.
  • In the car-smashing scene, they mention New Castle, Delaware City, and Penns Grove, NJ; all of which are near Wilmington.
  • The ZIP code on Tyler's Paper Street Soap Company card is 19808, which is Wilmington, Delaware.
  • The apartment that the Narrator lives in is called "A Place to Be Someone." This is also the city motto for Wilmington, Delaware.
  • There really is a Paper St. in Wilmington, Delaware. (There is, however, no street number 537- the numbers don't go that high).
  • Here's the clincher- the original screenplay refers often to Wilmington as the location of the city. Some more excerpts from the original screenplay follow.
  • From the original screenplay: Jack: "Look, can I just come down in person? I live here -- in Wilmington. Yes, all my credit cards have main headquarters here. No? Why not? Why can't I speak to an account rep? No, wait, don't put me on --
  • From the original screenplay: Jack, to Tyler on the plane: "Uh... are you going to Wilmington?" Tyler: "I live there."

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