In case you wondered, ApoxyButt is not making this up, I've seen the commercial in question. It goes a little something like this:

Mr. T is at a party and sees a guy digging in the couch. We see him removeing quarters from beneath the cushions. T approaches the guy and asks what he's doing, fool, and it turns out he's a little short on cash this month. Mr. T tells him about Illinois Title Loans. {They tell us where to call and/or go to for more info) The guy digs out a Tostito style chip from the couch and is about to eat it when Mr. T warns, "Don't eat that, fool!"

That sounds like a completly different commercial, I'm sure it was a chip and he says "Don't eat that, fool." Very strange- perhaps they figure that the commercial was so successful in Illinois that the Mississippi version might as well use the same premise.