I swear I am not making this up.

News For Noders

(Idea) by Nate

Forget E2 T-Shirts, get the newest piece of everything2 merchandise that's topping the charts all over the world! E2 Sings! Featuring:

These accomplished noders wrote, played, and sang all of the music on this disc! Order now and get a free bag of Tropical Skittles!
It was a whole CD of songs- non E2 related songs- recorded by the above noders. Dannye had a Ricky Martin style Latin thing, JP did an old Lisa Loeb song, and Team Jet-Poop- all seven of them- did a funky hip-hop/techno mix. I ordered one. Unfortunatly, before I could listen to Every Node Is Sacred, the phone rang and woke me from my dream. I've got to get an answering machine.