There are 2600 meetings all over the world where "hackers" meet up and discuss important issues like how many domains verizon owns, and the like. Here's a partial list of the meeting places:

Buenos Aires: In the bar at San Jose 05.

Adelaide: Outside Sammy's Snack Bar, on the corner of Grenfell & Pulteney Streets. 6 pm.
Brisbane: Hungry Jacks on the Queen St. Mall (RHS, opposite Info Booth). 7 pm.
Canberra: KC's Virtual Reality Cafe, 11 East RW, Civic. 6 pm.
Melbourne: Melbourne Central Shopping Centre at the Swanston Street entrance near the public phones.
Perth: The Merchant Tea & Coffee (183 Murray Street). Meet outside. 6 pm.
Sydney: Central Station in the main "dome" of the country trains area by the big clock and Burger King. 6 pm.

Graz: Cafe Haltestelle on Jakominiplatz.

Belo Horizonte: Pelego's Bar at Assufeng, near the payphone. 6 pm.
Rio de Janeiro: Rio Sul Shopping Center, Fun Club Night Club.

Calgary: Eau Claire Market food court (near the "milk wall").
Edmonton: Sidetrack Cafe, 10333 112 Street. 4 pm.

British Columbia
Vancouver: Pacific Centre Food Fair, one level down from street level by payphones. 4 pm to 9 pm.

Montreal: Bell Amphitheatre, 1000 Gauchetiere Street.

Bristol: Next to the orange and grey payphones opposite the "Game" store, Merchant Street, Broadmead. Payphones: +44-117-9299011, 9294437. 7]:30 pm.
Hull]: In the Old Grey Mare pub, opposite The University of Hull. 7 pm.
Leeds: Leed City train station outside John Menzies. 6 pm.
London: Trocadero Shopping Center (near Picadilly Circus), lowest level. 7 pm.
Manchester]: Cyberia Internet Cafe on Oxford Rd. next to St. Peters Square. 6 pm.

Paris: Place d'Italie XIII, in front of the Grand Ecran Cinema. 6-7 pm.

Karlsruhe: "Old Dublin" Irish Pub, Kapellenstrasse. Near public phone. 7 pm.

Athens: Outside the bookstore Papaswtiriou on the corner of Patision and Stournari. 7 pm.

New Delhi: Priya Cinema Complex, near the Allen Solly Showroom.

Milan: Piazza Loreto in front of McDonalds.

Tokyo: Ark Hills Plaza (in front of Subway sandwiches) Roppongi (by Suntory Hall).

Mexico City: Zocalo Subway Station (Line 2 of the Metro, blue line). At the "Departamento del Distrito Federal" exit, near the payphones & the candy shop, at the beginning of the "Zocalo-Pino Suarez" tunnel.

Stargard Szczecinski: Art Caffe. Bring blue book. 7 pm.

Moscow: Burger Queen cafe near TAR/TASU (Telephone Agency of Russia/Telegraph Agency of Soviet Union) - also known as Nicitskie Vorota.

Aberdeen: Outside St. Nicholas' Church graveyard, near DX Communications' mid-union street store. 7 pm.
Glasgow: Central Station, payphones next to Platform 1. 7 pm.

Cape Town: At the "Mississippi Detour".
Johannesburg: Sandton food court.


Auburn: Courtyard outside the computer lab at the Foy Union Building. 7 pm.
Birmingham: Hoover Galleria food court by the payphones next to Wendy's. 7 pm.
Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama, Ferguson Center by the payphones.

Phoenix: Peter Piper Pizza at Metro Center.
Tucson: Barnes & Noble, 5130 E. Broadway.

Jonesboro: Indian Mall food court by the big windows.

Los Angeles: Union Station, corner of Macy & Alameda. Inside main entrance by bank of phones. Payphones: (213) 972-9519, 9520; 625-9923, 9924.
Sacramento: Round Table Pizza, 127 K Street.
San Diego: Leucadia's Pizzeria on Regents Road (Vons Shopping Mall).
San Francisco: 4 Embarcadero Plaza (inside). Payphones: (415) 398-9803, 9804, 9805, 9806.
San Jose: Orchard Valley Coffee Shop/Net Cafe (Campbell).

: In front of Gloria Jean's Coffee at the tables.

District of Columbia
Arlington: Pentagon City Mall in the food court.

Ft. Lauderdale: Broward Mall in the food court by the payphones.
Ft. Myers: At the cafe in Barnes & Noble.
Miami: Dadeland Mall on the raised seating section in the food court.
Orlando: Fashion Square Mall in the food court between Hovan Gourmet & Panda Express. Payphones: (407) 895-5238, 7373, 4648; 896-9708; 895-6044, 6055.
Pensacola: Cordova Mall, food court, tables near ATM. 6:30 pm.

Atlanta: Lenox Mall food court.

Honolulu: Web Site Story Cafe inside Ewa Hotel Waikiki, 2555 Cartwright Rd. (Waikiki). 808-922-1677, 808-923-9292.

Pocatello: College Market, 604 South 8th Street.

Chicago: Screenz, 2717 North Clark St.

Ft. Wayne: Glenbrook Mall food court. 6 pm.
Indianapolis: Circle Centre Mall in the StarPort/Ben & Jerry's area.
South Bend: Town and Country Shopping Center at Cosimo & Susie's a Bit of Italy.

Kansas City: Oak Park Mall food court (Overland Park).

Louisville: Barnes & Noble at 801 S Hurstbourne Pkwy.

Baton Rouge: In the LSU Union Building, between the Tiger Pause & McDonald's, next to the payphones. Payphone numbers]: (225) 387-9520, 9538, 9618, 9722, 9733, 9735.
New Orleans: Plantation Coffeehouse, 5555 Canal Blvd. 6 pm.

Portland: Maine Mall by the bench at the food court door.

Baltimore: Barnes & Noble cafe at the Inner Harbor.

Boston: Prudential Center Plaza, terrace food court. Payphones: (617) 236-6582, 6583, 6584, 6585, try to bypass the carrier.

Ann Arbor: Michigan Union (University of Michigan), Welker Room.

Bloomington: Mall of America, north side food court, across from Burger King & the bank of payphones that don't take incoming calls.
Duluth: Barnes & Noble by Cubs. 7 pm.

St. Louis: Galleria, Highway 40 & Brentwood, elevated section, food court area, by the theaters.
Springfield: Barnes & Noble on Battlefield across from the mall.

Biloxi: Edgewater Mall food court (near mirrors) at 2600 Beach Blvd. (really).

Butte: Butte Plaza Mall on Harrison Ave. near JC Penney and GNC.

Omaha: Oak View Mall Barnes & Noble. 6]:30 pm.

Las Vegas: Wow Superstore Cafe, Sahara & Decatur. 8 pm.
Reno: Meadow Wood Mall, Palms food court by Sbarro. 3-9 pm.

New Hampshire
Nashua: Pheasant Lane Mall, near the big clock in the food court.

New Mexico
Albuquerque: Winrock Mall food court, near payphones on the lower level between the fountain & arcade. Payphones: (505) 883-9935, 9941, 9976, 9985.

New York
Buffalo: Galleria Mall food court.
New York: Citicorp Center, in the lobby, near the payphones, 153 E 53rd St., between Lexington & 3rd.
Rochester: Marketplace Mall food court. 6 pm.

North Carolina
Charlotte: South Park Mall, raised area of the food court.
Raleigh: Crabtree Valley Mall, food court.

Akron: Arabica on W. Market Street, intersection of Hawkins, W. Market, and Exchange.
Cleveland: Coventry Arabica, Cleveland Heights, back room smoking section.
Columbus: Convention Center (downtown) basement, far back of building in carpeted payphone area.
Dayton: At the Marions behind the Dayton Mall.

: Shepard Mall, at the benches next to Subway & across from the payphones. Payphone numbers: (405) 942-9022, 9228, 9391, 9404.
Tulsa: Woodland Hills Mall food court.

McMinnville: Union Block, 403 NE 3rd St.
Portland: Pioneer Place Mall (not Pioneer Square!), food court.

Philadelphia: 30th Street Amtrak Station at 30th & Market, under the "Stairwell 7" sign. Payphones: (215) 222-9880, 9881, 9779, 9799, 9632; 387-9751.

South Dakota
Sioux Falls: Empire Mall, by Burger King.

Knoxville: Borders Books Cafe across from Westown Mall.
Memphis: Cafe Apocalypse.
Nashville: Bean Central Cafe, intersection of West End Ave. & 29th Ave. S. three blocks west of Vanderbilt campus.

Austin: Dobie Mall food court.
Dallas: Mama's Pizza, Campbell & Preston.
Ft. Worth: North East Mall food court near food court payphones, Loop 820 @ Bedford Euless Rd. 6 pm.
Houston: Galleria 2 food court, under the stairs.
San Antonio: North Star Mall food court.

Salt Lake City: ZCMI Mall in the food court.

Burlington: Borders Books at Church St. and Cherry St. on the second floor of the cafe.

Seattle: Washington State Convention Center, first floor.
Spokane: Spokane Valley Mall food court.

Eau Claire: London Square Mall food court.
Madison: Union South (227 N. Randall Ave.) on the lower level in the Martin Luther King Jr. Lounge by the payphones. Payphone]: (608) 251-9909.
Milwaukee: Mayfair Mall on Highway 100 (Mayfair Rd.) & North Ave. in the Mayfair Community Room. Payphone]: (414) 302-9549.