Who put the Dutch in Dutch oven?

Why, you may be asking yourself, is the cast iron pot called a Dutch oven? That appears to be a matter of some debate. According to http://www.chuckwagonsupply.com/history.htm, here are the most likely theories:
  1. The Dutch had a particular method of casting metal, especially brass, using dry sand molds. An English manufacturer began casting iron with the same method, and these pots became known as Dutch ovens, ovens made using the Dutch process.
  2. The pots were originally sold in the United States by peddlers from Holland.
  3. The Pennsylvania Dutch used this type of pot.

It's also possible that this is a pejorative term for an inferior piece of cooking equipment, whose origin would resemble those of dutch uncle or dutch treat.

This question arose after I noded my now world-famous dutch oven pork roast. I thought it was a good question, and I'm pleased to provide my results for you. Thank your for asking.