Because I myself am a motorcyclist, this node title intrigues me. I personally think that this would be really cool. The practical implications of such a law change are a bit daunting, though. Here are my thoughts:

The fact that the speed limit would be higher would cause many many more people to start driving motorcycles. It’s a guy thing. “Ugg, I go fast now, ugg!” This, in turn, would also increase the number of bad motorcycle drivers. I suppose that natural selection would take care of them, though.

Also, do you really think that the uniformed public would stand to let damn hooligans (though I am a safe driver, I have been accused of this) on two wheels have the right drive faster. Common sense says that four wheels are safer than two, therefore cars should be allowed to have a higher speed limit, not bikes.

This whole spiel is academic anyway, but your idea requires intelligence on the part of the motorcyclist and the public at large, and that’s just something that you can’t count on.

Oh well, here to wishful thinking!!!