I think that there should be a programmer’s keyboard.

This keyboard would be specialized just for programmers, so that all of the obscure characters they use can be readily accessed instead of hitting shift then a key. The whole right side of the keyboard, from num lock over, would not be there. I would also think about getting rid of the F-keys, but I think that they do serve some purpose. Instead of all of those keys there would be a one-touch key for each of the following:
+ _ < > $ @ & * { } | # ( ) ~
I am really sick of stretching my hand across the keyboard all the time to hit shift and 3 at the same time so I can write a comment. I use those characters so much I don't think that I even need the rest of the keys on the board.

There should also be about 20 home, end and page up/down keys scattered through out the keyboard. You can never find one when you need it. The caps lock, and insert keys should be hidden on the top of the keyboard in a hard to accidentally hit spot. There should also be a cut, copy, and paste button on every keyboard.

Someone should also think of a way that you can copy like 10 different things to the clipboard, and paste any of them at will. Maybe holding ctrl and a # at the same time while cutting. Sort of like a command group type thing.

I just write this node for anyone who has any influence in the keyboard industry. Maybe you could bring this up at your next board meeting.