So a German guy was driving along the road when all of the sudden he got rear-ended by this Polish guy. The German guy pulled over to the side of the road and made the Polish guy get out of his car. The German guy went over to his car and pulled out a shovel. He then drew a circle in the dirt with the shovel. He said to the Polish guy "I can’t believe you just hit my car. Now you stand in this circle and watch me bash in your car!!"

So the German guy goes over to the Polish guys car and starts bashing it in with the shovel. He just totals the thing. He breaks all the windows rips off the fender, puts some nice dents into the car. This guy does a really nice job on the polish guys car. He bashes in the car until he's satisfied.
After that he walks back over to the Polish guy. He looks at the Polish guy and the Polish guy is just standing there giggling. The German guy yells at him and says, "What are you laughing at!?"

The Polish guy just giggles some more.

The German guy gets even more frustrated and screams louder "Tell me what is so funny!!"

The Polish guy just chuckles some more. The German guy is pissed, he says "If you don’t tell me what’s so funny I am going to beat you with this shovel".

"Well" the Polish guy says, "While you weren't looking, I stepped out of the circle three times."

**this isn't meant to be a polish joke i just needed to reference the guys some how, so i used nationalities