Disclaimer: Some people like smoking pot. Some don't. Some people freaked out one time and they never want to try it again. Some people have never tried it and they never want to. After all, in most countries it is illegal. Do what you want. If you've never tried marijuana before, though, you probably shouldn't play intense video games like this one during your first time. That being said...

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is one of the most fun games I've ever played, and it's about twenty times better when you're stoned. The game is really ZOOM, if you know what I mean: vertigo effect from spinning fifteen feet above a quarter pipe, then accelerating down to earth and racing off towards a rail grind and then before you know it a shocking head-over-heels fall into the pavement, complete with a spurt of blood from the mouth...you can really feel it. The THC pumping through your veins is really stirred up by all this, creating a tremendously unique and entertaining experience.

But the true power of the marijuana/THPS 2 combination lies in the cheat codes. In addition to the standard "shitload of money" and "all special characters" variety, the cheat codes cover a vast array of extremely trippy shit. Here are a few of the more mind blowing ones for the PlayStation (pause the game and hold down L1 while entering the button sequence corresponding to the letters shown--sometimes the codes spell out things, too):

U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right, T=triangle, X=X, S=square, C=circle

Slow-Nic: CUTS XTC
This will ablosutely destroy you. Everything goes in slow motion, but only when you're in the air. The juxtaposition of a fast run up to a QP and then the very slow air you get is so shocking it hurts. Equally shocking is the sudden burst of speed once you hit the ground. This contrast is deepened further with the Turbo Mode code, below. This must be experienced to be understood.

Moon Physics: XSLUDUST
Double Moon Physics: LULU DUST LULU DUST

These make the gravity considerably less of an issue...with Double Moon Physics, you can pretty much go into the stratosphere: you're so high that the game doesn't render most of the ground's polygons, so it looks like cloud cover. You can land all these jumps safely, too.


These are pretty self-explanatory...they're best used in combination, which makes your skater look really cartoony.

This gives your skater an insane level of speed, which means he'll be jumping a lot higher as well. Be prepared to fall a lot. This gets pretty edgy.

You can find the complete list of codes at www.sportplanet.com/thps/. I'm sure the original THPS is also a fantastic mix with marijuana, it's just that I own the sequel, so that's what I'm working with.

So, I recommend all you cannabis lovers out there do yourselves a favour and set aside two or three hours with a few friends, the game, and a healthy amount of good weed.