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mission drive within everything
money, just kidding, to make myself happy, i admit it, im a selfish bitch
i speak french and spanish, history freak who is disappointed in america and willing to discuss why...
Kishwaukee community college
"what comes around goes around"
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I'm just an 18 year old girl looking for information on my reasearch paper on globalization, yes thats right, i have to write a 7 page paper on globalization! my teacher obviously has no idea what he is doing to us making us put a topic as broad as globalization on 7 pages...anyway...i found this site not only educating but entertaing as well, so i decided to make myself a user, hopefully getting more out of this site then information on the broadest topic in the world today. i'm an exchange student..isnt that exciting? i like girls and im just an average college student...if you want to know more dont be afraid to too open.