if i have ever said that i love you, i did--and do. if you've ever loved me, all i can say is 'i'm sorry'. my head is cloudy again and i want for january. should neither the goblins nor my own personal demons have their way with me tonight, i shall be back...

there are times that i feel, at the fault of no one else, that the beauty has gone from life and no matter where i look i see only grey. i know what i told you but it's often difficult for me to follow the seemingly simple wisdom of the words i've woven for you.

it hurts me to feel and kills me to not feel and i am spinning...

spinning and spinning and waiting to fall.

twilight is going and i must be off but there is beauty. trust me--i've seen it--and dreams. i happened across this again today and thought of so many people. i hope you each know who you are:

A dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul.

i believe this like i've never believed anything else