(with a faltering faith in mankind, I'm asking a favor of anyone willing to listen)

My stepfather is receiving two units of packed red blood cells twice a week. Leukemia is a costly monster and his insurance has just changed--no longer will it cover blood products or blood related services.
you can help. mm-hm, yes...


Donate a pint of yours, giving the following information and he'll receive a pint of his in exchange. Note, though, that he can only accept blood donated through a blood bank, not the Red Cross. Information, updates, changes and etceteras will be on my homenode.

Quintin C. Ballentine
MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Texas, USA)
patient #514283

Then msg me. I will glorify you...
and send you something pleasing to at least one of your senses.


(make me a believer)