King of Deira (644-651)

He was son of Osric who had briefly held the crown of Deira in 633 following the death of Edwin at the hands of Penda and Cadwallon ap Cadfan.

Oswine is recorded as assuming the throne of Deira in 644, two years after Oswiu has supposedly inherited the now united kingdom of Northumbria. How and why Oswine came to the throne is not known. Perhaps he wrested control of Deira away from Oswiu , perhaps Oswiu was forced to appoint him to placate the Deiran nobility; probably it was a bit of both.

The Venerable Bede informs us that Oswine was

a man of wonderful piety and devotion, who governed the province of the Deiri seven years in very great prosperity, and was himself beloved by all men.
And goes on to say that
Oswiu, who governed all the other northern part of the nation beyond the Humber, that is, the province of the Bernicians, could not live at peace with him; but on the contrary, the causes of their disagreement being heightened, he murdered him most cruelly
Which, as they say was the end of him.

He was the last king of the Deirian royal line established by Aelle, and effectively the last independent king of Deira. Subsequent kings where all essentially appointees from the junior members of Bernicians line.