Loop quantum gravity is one of the candidates for the long sought after Unified Field Theory otherwise known as the Theory of Everything; or as one of its advocates explains "Loop quantum gravity provides a general framework for diffeomorphism invariant quantum field theories, within which there is a complete quantization of Einstein's theory of general relativity.*"

No I don't understand that either, but I was reading an article in the New Scientist of 30 April 2005 which reviewed the current state of progress (or lack of) towards the ultimate goal of the one true set of equations and was struck by the following remarks;

Lee Smolin and Fotini Markopalou of the Perimiter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario are developing a new version of loop quantum gravity. In this theory, space-time is woven from a mathematical network of nodes and connecting links.

I was just intrigued by the synchronicity of the notion that the very fabric of reality may be made up of nodes and links.

(* See Lee Smolin, Technical Summary of Loop Quantum Gravity atwww.Qgravity.org)