Q. Why shouldn't I use Arabic Numerals? (cont.)

The numerals in the main Final Fantasy series were meant to distinguish between different videogames but, unlike other works with a single name and sequential numbering, did not indicate a sequel.

This could be seen as a quirk of the developers, a gimmick to distinguish their games from other sequential videogames (which is more or less a valid argument, as both systems are used to count)

However since March 2003, more than a year after fondue wrote his FAQ, this is no longer the case. Arabic Numerals now indicate true sequels in the Final Fantasy multiverse. So far there are only two sequels: Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

So now the roman numerals are used to name different stories in the multiverse and arabic numerals are used to indicate sequels within a single Final Fantasy universe.

The question of whether all FF games are set in a single more or less consistent universe is still up.

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