On London preparations and expectations

So yeah. The trip is totally happening and I'm already being asked to attend this or that conference. Let me explain.

Apparently the London organizing team is having a rough time to say the least. They wanted to contact us (that is, the organizing team for 2015) but they've had... issues with their own conference and now are swamped in work.

I mentioned casually in a Wikimania-related mailing list that I'm part of the '15 team and will be attending a small conference hosted by Wikimedia Deutschland. within an hour, I scheduled three visits with the '14 team to discuss volunteer managing, a bit of technical stuff and one "fun thing to do".

Anyway, I'm going to London. Even though I'll be staying for over a week, I don't know how much free time I'll actually get. Still, I'd like to put some faces on names so if you're interested in having coffe or beer with yours truly, send me a message. Also, I'm still listening for any and all suggestions of things to do/see in London. I'll be arriving on August 4, 2014, in case anyone's wondering or the plane disappears.

On people coming and going

Two persons told me I should get help if I'm feeling depressed. I told them I'm on it.

As it turns out, there's someone else who seems to be slowly walking out of my life after many years of friendship. Many years of support.

With a rational mind you can come up with several perfectly logical and plausible reasons why she hasn't replied my calls and messages in 4 months. But I don't always have a rational mind. I sent her a giant email, a kind of good-bye letter. I fear I may have done a mistake by hitting "Send". Maybe I made a mistake years ago. I'm afraid of what will happen.

On "ideal" jobs

I don't write as often around here. Partly because of Wikimania and the London trip, but also because I have a small writing gig now. I write for an environment-themed blog, about Climate change, Endangered species and so on. It's a paid gig, not enough to fully support me, but good enough to bump my monthly savings significantly. I guess I now receive money for what I write, which is technically what my high school friends wanted for me.

But it's not here.