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Tue Jun 11 2013 at 22:33:04 (1.2 months ago)
I'm a big fan of RPGs, (Final Fantasy Tactics, anyone?) and the concept of leveling up is a very trivial and strangely satisfying psychological reward. It's certainly not enough to bring me True Happiness but it's a nice warm feeling in my gut. I just leveled up for the first time, which means I get some votes per day and a picture in my homenode, which currently features my face last New Year's Eve. I don't usually sport a goatee

On volunteering

I just got an email from the local Wikimedia chapter, looking for volunteers for their next photo contest. I'll use it as both an opportunity to get to know Mexico City and maybe I can land an internship with them. I think it would be nice working with the guys who make Wikipedia

On relationships

Yes, I do like her and I think she likes me too. The past few months have been a slow but steady stream of small moments like sharing a pizza, walking hand in hand and random hugs from behind. Nothing formal yet, no sex yet. However, I just found out that the guy who I thought was her best friend was actually her boyfriend of almost 7 years until two months ago.

I'm confused.

I recall her presenting him to me as her best friend, but my memory has failed me before. I've only seen them together once or twice and they never looked like anything more than good friends (no kissing, no holding hands, etc).

I'm afraid that she's been deliberately dating me while she was in a formal relationship with this other guy. If that's the case and we end up together, what will stop her to do the same if she ever gets bored with me? I certainly don't want to be the crazy controlling boyfriend (as I really love her independence) but I don't want to be used. Not anymore.