What is it?

A resume, also known in some countries as a Curriculum Vitae or just CV is a document that details the personal details and academic, technical and/or other professional experiences of an individual. Since this document is used when applying for a job, the resume should ideally list only the experiences related to the job description as to give the potential employer a quick and broad view of the applicant's skills and background. A fictional resume is exactly the same, but only lists fake experiences and skills. Please note that we're not talking about a Functional resume here. That's for pencil necks and people who want a real job.

Why would I do such an idiotic thing?

I don't know why you would do that. I, on the other hand, can imagine several reasons why someone would do such a thing.:
  1. Personal amusement. Who hasn't ever dreamed a fantasy starring oneself? I like writing fiction and doing a fictional resume is an awesome way of presenting the skills and jobs I'd like to be in (or the skills and jobs that cannot possibly exist, see the examples)
  2. A ballsy (and probably stupid) move to land a job. Although it's dishonest and most probably illegal, some people would probably mention going places and doing things that may look awesome on paper in order to impress an employer. This is just as intelligent as trying to impress a girl with your driving skills when you don't have a car. The rest of us will actually get experience and skills so we don't have to fake them on paper.
  3. For educational purposes. If I wanted to show you how to write a resume, I'd probably fake one on the spot to make my examples clear.
  4. Just because

Can I see an example?

Sure you can!

Personal information

  • Name: Andy Cyca
  • Age: 429.
  • Nationality: Pangean
  • Address:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; NW Washington, D.C. 20500 U.S.A.
  • e-mail: gaben at microsoft.gov.gu

Work experience

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