This is a book, written by Anthony Loyd, which covers his time as a war correspondent in Bosnia, and Chechnya, during the early to mid nineties. Mr. Loyd’s work oscillates between his smack filled existence in London, and the killing fields of the Balkans. I can’t really explain what it is about this book that I find so interesting, but I’ve probably read through it two or three times. There’s something about the way he describes the war, it really feels like they could be fighting in your back yard (not in the unnecessary “it could happen here!” way, but more of a “see, these are real people” way). There’s also the fact that the Bosnian War isn’t exactly considered a major European war by some people, and so doesn’t really receive the in-depth analysis it probably deserves. Basically the whole work is filled with death, mayhem, and heroin abuse, but it does make for some interesting anecdotes.