The Week in Review.

We sit across from each other in a bar. I steal a quick glance, then look away. I feel his eyes resting on me and growl at him.

"What? What is it?"

He smiles.

"You're beautiful."

I look down at the table, struck silent. Quite an achievement, actually.
I'd call him a liar, but I've learned from experience that that never works. I feel my face heat and gulp down my wine. He smiles again.
I reach over and poke him.


I grin.

He sits at his computer, concentrating on the information crawling across the screen. I sit next to him and trace the lines of his face into my sketchbook. He looks at me and I smile. I present my work to him and he gives me a look.

"Remind me never to sit next to a bored artist ever again."

I bow. He laughs.

We sit next to each other on the subway. I reach over to tickle him, watching him yelp, then wriggle like a stranded fish.

"Stop it, please!" he begs.

Reluctantly, I pull my hands away. He shoots me a sideways look. I smile, saccharine-sweet. He shoots me another look. I very carefully put my hands in my pockets.

We sit across from each other in a bar, both on our way to being very drunk.

"Evil girl."

"Who, me?" I arch a single eyebrow, then grin. "Thank you."

I feel his eyes settle upon my breasts. I cradle them in my arms, forcing them together, then wait until he looks up.

"Evil girl."

I smile into my beer, and we keep on talking into the night.

An inch of pale skin shows above the waistline of his pants. My eyes creep towards it, and evil thoughts abound. My fingers itch to move forward. I hesitate, then pull back. He turns to stare at me. I flash him a look of injured innocence. Neither of us is fooled.

I see him lying there, cradling her against him. I want to touch him, to feel his skin stretched tight underneath my hands. He arches his back a little, and I watch. A pause. He turns to me again, but I stare at the TV screen, seemingly enthralled. He settles back, her lying in his lap. He runs his fingers through her hair. I watch.