I sat staring at the screen, fingertips clicking gently against the keys. The remains of my dinner lay before me-- chicken nuggets and crinkly fries, cold and getting colder. They tasted vile. I knew now why catsup came included with the frozen "redi-meal." Too bad for me, I couldn't stand the stuff. My hand snaked up and away from the keyboard. As awful as it was, I was still hungry. I was about to down more preprocessed poultry product, surely to regret it later, when my salvation came. An IM.

Erika: There is a large, unattended chocolate cake in the leadership academy.
Erika: I'm thinking about going on a mission.
Jen: Reeeally?

My fingers steepled. Eeexcellent.
I put down the soggy mass that purported to be food. Checking my appearance in the mirror, I decided I was presentable enough for petty bakery thievery. Black dress. Black hose. Black hair, subtly streaked with purple. Blue Vans.
I really needed to do laundry.

I snuck through the building. Though I passed several people on my way to Erika's room, I doubt I was seen. On a college campus, people know to ignore the person doing the ninja creep. ...well, either that, or follow them.

Upon reaching the room of my soon-to-be partner-in-crime, we discussed the best way to make off with as much cake as possible. It is the end of the semester, after all. Almost everyone's mealcard is scraping rock bottom....but I digress.
Armed with tupperware bowls and knives, we stealthily made our way to the Leadership Academy. Opened the door. The cake lay before us, waiting.

It was massive. Sugary white frosting, edged in blue, was slathered over top. Our knives flashed. (...sort of. They didn't really flash, seeing as they were made of plastic. But you know what I--- oh, screw it.)The knives flashed, and we packed our tubs full of stolen confectionery. A quick look around told us we hadn't been spotted. Looking at the cake, then at each other, we nodded and booked it the hell out of there.

We waved our cake-smeared knives in victory on the way back to her room.