Nope, I don't call this winter.. Early spring has come and the weather is nice.

Being a totally GTKY writeup on what happened at the second meetup.

Due to excessive wimpyness on the part of the danish noder flock, it turned out that this meeting was only going to be with myself and liveforever. Anyway this was actually how we originally planed it to be. It was only after I excerted just that small amount of pressure at just the right spot, that liveforever suddenly caved in and arranged a fully fledged nordic gathering, twice.

Again we met up at Klaptræet, where liveforever was immediately intimidated a group cheerfull youngsters who had decided they pretty much owned the place. One of them in particular fit the bully stereotype fairly accurately. You know the type, - "What? Did you call me an asshole?!". BANG! And you wake up a minute later, with blood all over you face. And as I found out later he has his reasons. The beertaps were malfunctioning, and the cute female bartenders were too inept to fix them, so we had to resort to the bottled kind. Fine. I like GTs. I am a physics student after all.

We sat down in the E2 corner and started to break the ice. This turned out to be easy as liveforever (like you might expect if you see how much stuff he has feed into this place) has litterally a million stories and anecdotes to tell. I heard about a couple of books he has done, his work researching the plague epidemics in europe and how the danish television has got it all wrong. We discussed movies, compared scars, of which he admittedly outclasses me in both numbers and sizes, this is why he didn't like the noisy party at the table across from ours, apparently you can count on liveforever to be there when bad things happen. :-)

I seem to be asking everybody for romantic advice lately, and as expected I was able to pull a few tips. Lastly we talked about nothing other than E2. I had been waiting to tell him what my favorite node is and he was able to supply some perspective on what E2 is really about. It was about this time that liveforever started complaining about work, kids, unpacking boxes, writing and stuff and said maybe we should call it a night. It is never a bad idea to quit when you are ahead so I could not object.

So no wild party, no embarrassing pictures. Just two guys, a few bottles and good old danish hygge. I am looking forward to the next gathering.