Sweet Chloe

Chloe the Cat
Is actually quite fat
But she can fly in the air like a weightless blimp
And amble on window ledges like a tightrope walker 

Her feeding frenzies are amusing treats
As she flings kitty crumbs discretely at my feet
And yacks up hair balls the size of tootsie rolls
On my freshly changed bed

What a cat--Did I mention she was fat?
She arches her back like a Martha Graham product
Then at times just arches it to vomit
But jeez, I just love this cat
With her golden eyes and pinky nose

Oh Chloe. She is not a friend of other cats
And quite often gets into little kitty spats
Chastising potential lovers for gazing lovingly in her eyes,
Or brushing up against her to get a whiff of her felineness.

She has spine

I will always love her black and whiteness
Like living with the yin and yang, her most karmic highness
A Buddhist monk lounging on my chair
Gazing at me with her Zen heart 

But most of all I love her purring
A running engine ready and whirring
With her white whiskers delicately trembling
And her eyes at half-mast ready to pass out.

A sun-worshipper at heart
She is a bathing beauty reincarnated with a buxom butt
And chubby chin
What a sin 
But she doesn’t give a damn
And that’s why I love Chloe.