A meta-place often referred to simply as "Here", though also referred to by many of the other hundreds of pain-stakingly indexed names. alt.fan.dragons is home to a cacophony of sentient beings, ranging from those from whom the name arises, the ever-present dragons, to dragon fans, to many others who simply enjoy the care-free environment. AFD is a constantly changing world of ever-flowing ideas, ever-thrown foods, new beings (sometimes known as the new nuts), old beings (sometimes known as the old fruits), and chocolate points.

AFD is a place where reality becomes fluidly entwined with all that imagination can produce, and any distinction is generally ignored.

AFD has also, over time, spread its wings over many other places on the net. Beyond the Usenet group alt.fan.dragons, it exists also as an IRC channel on Dalnet (#afd), a Muck (Alfandria Muck), and as a webboard on ezboard (baltfandragons).