The past 48 hours or so of my life have probably been just about the most eventful I've ever had. My life generally isn't that interesting, each day just goes on and on, without much change. In fact several of my friends have pointed out that I am the one constant in their lives. Today things started to change and look up. Most of the issues that I have stem from a problem I have with anxiety, which causes me to have a great deal of difficulty with any sort of change.

After muddling through life for 10+ years, things are moving forward. One thing after another has been going my way, and for the first time I can actually see a glimpse of a future that I'm might be very happy in.

It all started simply enough - I got Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD, as well as the soundtrack to "Once More, With Feeling". Yes, that's not a big deal, but I am a fan, and sometimes really simple things can perk up a bad day. Then I made an offer on a house. After over an hour of negotiation, we finally got to an agreement. So in the somewhat near future, I am going to be a home owner. The house even has a tennis court - which would be great, if I played tennis. There are so many things that can be done there to make the house more "me."

I'm not exactly thrilled with my current working situation. We're reminded that "There are 7 days in a week, and 24 hours in a day" whenever we need to make schedules. The domain of the company is not something that I find particularly interesting (though it is cool when I see a truck that I might have had something to do with). But now they're working on moving more and more positions offshore, and having the currently employees basically work to make their own jobs obsolete. Not exactly good for company morale.

Somehow I've gotten the courage to actually start pursuing something else. I have gone through a couple rounds of interviews with a company near Boston, and they seem to be going well. I'm expecting a chance for a face to face meeting sometime in the next week. The company looks good, and happens to be right near where my sister works. Things would be very convenient if that worked out.

I'm still shocked about everything that's happened. I've been trying to deal with my anxiety for so long, and now that I've gotten a handle on some of the roots of the problem, I'm able to start working on the symptoms as well as the cause. Each day I'm getting closer to figuring out what I want and what I want/need to be. The next stages of the home buying process do not seem like they will be as nerve wracking as the first few. I'm not terrified by each new step in finding a new job. I've got a long way to go until I'm really happy, but at least I'm starting to feel good and look forward to each each additional day. I'll be honest, and say I'm a little scared of who I'm going to become, but we'll see what that is.

So the summary has been:

  • Got Buffy soundtrack and DVDs.
  • Interviewed for a new job.
  • Moving down the process of buying a house.
  • Started dealing with some of my problems.
  • Begun to open up about some of the more root causes of my problems.
Not a bad couple of days for a less than interesting protist.