My god, this is a recognized medical condition?

A number of years ago, the morning after a particularly high dose of DXM, I awoke to find myself speaking in a bad accent that I could not shake. Everything I said came out sounding like a high-school drama student who had seen too much Monty Python. A friend of mine, who had grown up in the UK, described the accent as that of a "Middle-aged Southeast Asian man sent off to boarding school in Cambridge during early puberty".

I was stuck like this for about a week. Beyond the annoyance (which itself nearly built to the level of a named psychological condition) of not speaking in my own voice there was the ridicule of those around me. I think I managed to piss off everyone I knew, and mostly stopped talking 'till normalcy resumed. (considering the antisocial behavior associated with DXM addiction, it wasn't really that big of a stretch)

Maybe getting those CAT scans wouldn't be such a bad idea.