I have never been afraid of being the cat lady, living a life of relative solitude in patchwork sweaters in a sea of felines. It may have crossed my mind a few times in the past, but it isn't a real concern, nor is it something I would mind to be frank.

However, I have recently had a dream (half-nightmare really) that has made me insanely afraid of becoming a whole different breed of the lonely old woman - the rabbit lady. I've always had a soft spot for rabbits.

The dream consisted of me living in a large, primarily empty house, populated by myself and my five bunnies. Throughout the dream I would carry around the fifth of the five rabbits, who happened to be crippled (one paw had something wrong with it, and this made me terribly upset and sad throughout the whole dream, and i kept this particular bunny with me at all times).

What really scares me is that I can see this as a reality. I've had two rabbits so far, and I can see myself having others in the future. It's also a joke that I'll become the solitary, insane woman in the darkened house on the corner that is rife with cats. But now that I am awake, it's all terrificly funny.