Words cannot express how disappointed I am with this election.

It's not just the Presidency, though I am astonished that George W. Bush managed to win a majority (albeit a slim one). To think, if John Kerry had only taken Florida...

I could spout conspiracy theories about the electronic voting machines; that they were rigged to produce a favorable outcome for the Republicans. That would be pretty foolish, though. Even if it were the case, there's no way it could be proven. Hence the problem with them in the first place. But I digress.

But there's more than just that. The whole country seems to be becoming more and more conservative. The Republicans gained seats in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Eleven states passed amendments to their constitutions banning gay marriage (eight of those included gay civil unions). In my state of Arizona, Proposition 200 - the so-called "Protect Arizona Now" initiative - was passed, which is essentially a license to treat any Hispanic person as a second-class citizen when they come to a polling place or an unemployment office. And not only have more Republicans taken seats in the state legislature, but most of the moderate Republicans were booted out in favor of hardline conservatives.

Somebody on a forum I frequent suggested that all the blue states should secede and join Canada. (If you look at it geographically, it would work; all of them - except Hawaii, for obvious reasons - are in groups that have at least one state adjacent to the current border, and no red states in between them.) It was a joke, but frankly, I think we all might be better off that way. I've seriously considered immigrating myself, once I graduate. At the very least, I need to move to a more liberal area, like Berkeley or Ann Arbor. Someplace where it doesn't feel like I'm alone in all my views.

On another note, I daylog way too much.