So, what's going on in Al's life?

Well, I finally got a new job, this time at Global Fulfillment Services. It's essentially the same work I was doing before, but with lower pay (albeit a lot closer to both home and school than the Glendale REC). And I'll be working 8PM to 2AM, but I had even shittier shifts at the REC at times. Doesn't matter; I needed a job, and now I have one.

And on that note, I've now bought two game consoles this week. The first was the Nintendo DS for $150, the second is a Dreamcast for $15. (Actually, I had a gift certificate from EB Games, so I managed to get the DC, three VMUs, Shenmue, and an unopened copy of Chu Chu Rocket! for $18 total.) I also got Super Mario 64 DS, which is fun. I know I've been noding videogames like mad lately, but I'm inclined to let somebody else do this one; I feel like whoever writes it up should be able to compare it to the original, which I never played.

My brother came down from Las Vegas for Thanksgiving late last night. It was kinda silly for him to do, since he has to be back there for work by Friday afternoon, but I guess he was lonely. And wanted some of our mom's world-famous knishes and cherry cheesecake. Seriously, she made about fifty extra just for him to bring back to Vegas.

I haven't really gotten a chance to spend much time with him. We played a round of Shark! Shark! (an old Intellivision game), and the whole family went to Charleston's for dinner (which was pretty mediocre), but that's about it. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.