Well, this is just great. Went to my computer (well, my primary computer - I'm using my "public console" right now, the computer I let visitors use) about two hours ago to do some writing, and it wouldn't come out of standby. Okay, fine. I've had this happen before. So I press the restart button, and nothing happens. So instead, I hold down the power button til it shuts down.

Now I try to turn it back on. Nothing happens. I mean *nothing* - the power didn't even turn on. I would think that it's the power supply, but what I find particularly odd about this is that it was *just on*. I could understand if it just died in the middle of operation, but for it to stay on til I forced it off doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I considered that it might be a problem with the motherboard or the wires leading from the power buttons to it, but if that were the case then I couldn't have shut it down the way I did, I would have had to disconnect the power. I'm still going to open it up just to check, though.

*Sigh*. I think that power supply has a three-year warranty (it's an Enermax), but even if it does, I'm not sure I can collect on it; I got it used (albeit the original owner only had it for about a month, and I'm not sure if they actually put it in a computer) so I don't have any proof of purchase.

The worst part about paying for a new power supply (aside from the shivers I get from the prospect of having to reconnect all those power cables... the case I have is way too small for all the stuff in there) is that I really need a new computer. Okay, maybe not *need* - this one's a little less than two years old and was top-of-the-line when I built it, and it'd probably run just about anything except Doom III if I put more RAM in it - but considering all the problems I've had with it, I'd really like a new one. But whereas I could really use a new computer, I absolutely need a new{er} car. Preferably one at least a few years younger than I am. A lot of the money I'm getting from my new job is probably going to go to a down payment (or full payment, depending) on one. Much as I hate the fact, my computer's mostly for entertainment, and that's secondary to my need for transportation. (And it would be nice to have a car that gets better than 12 mpg, or whatever this gas guzzler does.)

To add insult to injury, Cox Cable continues to be less reliable than Star Trek chronology, and the CD player in the living room's stereo is, if not broken, then at least badly in need of cleaning, because it won't play anything.