I've been thinking that it'd be cool to have a nodermeet here in the Metro Phoenix area. Looking at Walter's writeup, the closest any E2 Gathering has ever been to here was the one in Sin City. You'd think after five years, there'd be at least ONE nodermeet in the U.S.' sixth-largest city, but no such luck. Maybe it's the weather?

Of course, part of the problem is that they're simply aren't many noders around here. If we take the Everything People Registry to be accurate, then there are precisely six Everythingians in the area that are at all active (i.e., have logged in in the past month). Most of the rest of the Arizonans on the list are inactive as well. It's rather depressing.

However, I'm not giving up hope. I'm sure there have to be Arizonans here that aren't on the registry. Besides that, I figure there are probably noders from out of state (at least from New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and southern California) who might be interested in going.

So, uh, finally we get to the point of all this rambling: If you think you'd be at all interested in a Phoenix nodermeet sometime during the summer, /msg me. I don't as yet have anything specific in mind, but I figure if enough people are interested, we can plan from there. And such. Yes.