My brother's leaving for Las Vegas in a couple hours. I probably won't see him again until at least December. I certainly can't come up there, what with work and classes, and I don't think he's coming down for Thanksgiving or anything.

I haven't yet followed up on my last daylog. I'll sum it up briefly: The surgery was a failure. The standard surgery goes through the stomach area to take out the prostate, but between Dad's obesity and the fact that his is positioned further back than normal, the surgeon couldn't get to it. The best he could do was take samples of the lymph nodes (the cancer doesn't appear to have spread to them).

So. After he recovers from this, Dad has to go in for the alternate surgery: incision between the scrotum and the rectum. (I cross my legs just thinking of that.) Relatively few doctors do that one; none in Arizona appear to. There is apparently a surgeon in Vegas who does them, which would be ideal (what with it being relatively close to here, and what with my parents owning a condo there). They have to check his record, though, and see if he accepts our insurance. Barring that, the closest surgeons we know of who can do this operation are in Salt Lake City and San Antonio.

I haven't been noding at all lately, mostly because of the stress of this and other recent events. I've also wanted to get in on the creation of EveryGame, but again, between work and all my filial concerns, I simply haven't had the time.

Hopefully things will start winding down soon.