I'm a little vague on all the details of this dream, but I think at first I was Denton in Deus Ex. Specifically, I think I dreamed myself into one of the Paris levels, which would explain some things. At any rate, at some point, the world just sort of died under me, and suddenly I was a Flatlander on a black-and-white paper world. There was a splotch on the paper with the word 'France' on it. For whatever reason, somebody there decided to attack me. So they fired a missile... but the missile was a 3-dimensional object. I watched it from some outside vantage point as it went off "Flatland" and I could see its arc and trajectory and everything while I was moving on the Flatland, so I was able to avoid it. And then when it hit the ground it... bounced. And then went back into 3D-space at an entirely new arc. This happened several times, each time coming remarkably close to me; until finally it bounced, went into the air, and came back down on France, and then promptly exploded.

Using Freudian dream analysis techniques, I've determined this means I subconsciously want to be a four-star general who's had a bad experience with escargot.