I was listening to Talk of the Nation earlier today. They had Cindy Sheehan on.

She is possibly the rudest interviewee I have ever heard.

She made frequent hostile statements toward Neil Conan, segueing off his comments into tangents that were nearly non sequitirs - for instance, when Conan asked a rather innocent question about the fact that her son joined the army without talking to his family about it, she started ranting, asking what that had to do with the "illegal and immoral war" he was sent to fight in. At least once she refused to answer a question because "she'd answered it on so many occasions already".

The best part is when she reveals to us the reason for the continued occupation in Iraq: "...This seems to be the President's reason for continuing the war: because he's killed so many American soldiers already, he has to kill more."

Oh, and then with the interview only maybe five minutes in, she informed Neil that she only had two minutes left - despite the fact that she was scheduled to be on for the entire first segment. Classy.

Anybody who knows me knows I'm no fan of the Bush Administration, but this is just ridiculous. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. People should not be supporting this woman just because they don't like the war or the administration. We would all do well to ignore her completely.

Speaking of people being stupid, during an conversation about the evolution "controversy", Larry King asked the biologist in the program, "How can you reject creationism completely because if evolution is true, why are there still monkeys?"

The horrible phrasing of that question aside, the fact that anybody in the news business - and King is, albeit only peripherally - is even capable of asking that question with a straight face is quite disheartening.

What disturbs me more, though, is the thought of the number of people at home who probably thought this was a completely legitimate question.