As of Monday, I will once again be a contributing member of society (for 3-6 months, anyhow - I think we can safely blame that on the NALC). I'm a Casual Letter Carrier (fancy name for a temp) for the United States Postal Service. The station I've been assigned to is about 17 miles from my house (and 13 miles from ASU), but it could be a lot worse; Mesa's city limits are all the way at the border with Pinal County; I could've been casing mail out by my old neighborhood. Anywho, the Tempe Postmaster is trying to get me transferred to an office there, which would make things easier when the next semester starts. We'll see, though.

Also, Herc's 24 Hours of ZZT starts tomorrow at 1PM (8PM GMT). BE THERE OR BE AN EQUILATERAL RECTANGLE