Yesterday, I was waiting at the crosswalk at University Drive. That is, there's a crosswalk there with streetlights but no intersection; it's essentially there so people can walk right across from Lot 59 (the official name for what's really just Sun Devil Stadium's parking lot) without having to go all the way up to Rural Road or down to the bridge.

Anywho, like I said, I was waiting there. It was taking an awful long time for the lights to go red - usually it takes no more than two minutes - but I was in no hurry. After it had been about five minutes, some of the guys on my side starting walking across. It was like those psychology experiements I've seen about people following a person jaywalking; apparently people are more likely to follow if the person is better-dressed. Anyway, soon, everybody on both sides of the crosswalk - about 100 people, all told - was crossing with the light still green. Everyone except me, that is.

You may wonder what the point of this anecdote is. Quite simply, I wonder if this was true nonconformism or simply reaction (i.e. the group does one thing so I automatically do the opposite). Yeah, yeah, laugh. But this is kinda important to me. I know I'm not a "true nonconformist" - I'm not even sure it's possible to be one - but I hate to think that this sort of thing is just a dislike of following the majority (as it then follows that you then shrink from any good within the majority as much as the bad).

On a completely different note, these glasses are driving me crazy. I can SEE THE FRAMES. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to it yet, I dunno, but it's very annoying; it fact, it's adversely affecting my eyesight, because everywhere where the frame is my vision is blurred by it overlapping by what I would otherwise be seeing. And considering the nosepiece is having the same effect as the rest of the frame, this is rather disorienting.

On the good side, if nothing else, I can see a lot better at night. Driving home last night, I realized I could see the cars around me as solid objects (rather than speed-blurs), and the various lights from cars and streetlights didn't bleed and blur to my eyes like they used to. I honestly thought that it was normal to see light that way at night up til now.