"Have you any idea how disgusting it is, watching you eat an apple?"

"Don't be a bitch. An apple is an apple, everyone eats them exactly the same way."

"You don't."

"I do!. Bite, chew, swallow. Just like everyone else."


"So, how do I eat an apple?"

"You always bite it straight away. You don't hesitate to jam it in your gaping jaws, smashing it against your filthy lips. Then you bare your teeth, like a chimp, and grind your way through the flesh, shredding and smashing mechanically, like a starving mule.

"Your eyes glass over at that first swallow, and you don't change a single move, like a machine.

"Then the way you let that trickle of sticky juice that runs down your chin on roll off onto your stained shirt, ( how come you always seem to pick the most rotten apple? ), and wipe it back across your lips, chewing your mouth wide and open.

"You look unmoved, as if you were trudging through the most menial of tasks.

"If Eve ate that first apple the way you always do, I'm surprised Adam fell from grace -- I can never watch you eat one without wanting to punch you. There and then."


"Oh, I see."

--He frowns, throws the core at me--

"Well, I'm finished..."

thanks to Aphrodite for the idea