So you say to yourself: Self, I have to meet these insane people that scribble all over e2 all night and day. But where? And how?

Good sir legbagede, rugged outdoorsman and all round nice guy, suggested a tribute to our American friends. In order to celebrate one more year of not invading each other, we will revel in all things American. Weak Beer and bowling! What better way to mark the birth of our neighbor nation? And in a foreign capital no less!

The Plan as it stands:

When: Friday, the Fourth of July, 2003! 3 days after Canada Day, which we feel is ample time to recover.

Where: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! It's the big star on your map of Canada, the one that says capital. We'll start off at the Kent street Bowl-a-rama, virtually across the street from the Ottawa Bus Terminal, where a few select lanes will be reserved, and the addition of balls to pins will fill us with trailerpark joy. It is 5 pin, not the traditional manly tenpin they play down south. 7pm would be the time, as a lane has been reserved. It'll go until 9-ish, and i think it'll be about $6.50 ea. roughly, incl. shoes, lane, taxes. They have a full diner menu as well incidentally (legs recommends the fries). Update: in the interest of portraying a "true" American bowling experience, rock and glow is out... that and it is only on Saturdays. Regular bowling, the way God intended it, will be played.

The address is:

Kent Bowling Lanes
270 Catherine St,
Ottawa ON

Then what?: With the red, white and blue burning in our hearts, our noble band of minutemen will charge up Bank Street to:

The James Street Feed Company
390 Bank St,
Ottawa, ON
(613) 563-7300

Where we will sample such delights as "American cheese", "Pabst Blue Ribbon" and "Burgers". These foreign treats are subject to availability, as the last dogsled delivery was delayed. Worst comes to worst, we will just order off the menu. There has also been talk of going to the Elgin Street Diner, or the Manx. We'll play it by ear.


mirv - a real live Merikan! come and be amazed!
Twiin - no broken leg can stop the mighty Twiin!
Senso - needs a place to crash. Help a brother out!

Coming if they can:
hamster bong

Not coming, but requests the consumption of alchol on their behalf:
Scribe, the adventerous funkster.
toalight, the lonely Viking.
nocte wants to, but is going to WonkoDSane and Radlab0's wedding. She curses her popularity.

Unconfirmed but invited:

msg legbagede or myself to add yourself to the list.

Important note: This noder meet is to be held in a strange and foreign land. I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT EAT POUTINE OFFERED BY STRANGERS! Also, for those of you coming from far off places, How to lie your way across the Canadian border is a useful guide.

Hope to see you then!